teaching for transformation tft

For the past 100 years, BCCS has been diligently committed to providing an excellent education rooted in the Word of God.  In 2017, we had five teachers who were considered "early adopters" of our new initiative called "Teaching for Transformation" and we have since trained our entire teaching staff. Teaching for Transformation (TfT) is an intentional framework that will help our staff continue to strengthen and enhance the faith integration skills used to make our school distinctively Christian.

TfT takes ten themes (referred to as throughlines by the framework) from God's Word and uses them to help shape a student's understanding of the world.  The ten themes include: God Worshiper, Truth Finder, Earth Keeper, Image Reflector, Beauty Creator, Justice Seeker, Creation Enjoyer, Servant Worker, Idolatry Discerner, Community Builder, and Order Discoverer.  These themes are woven throughout the existing curriculum.

The goal is for the student to be able to not only develop an understanding of the "required" academic content (i.e. Who is Martin Luther King Jr.?), but see it through the lens of their Christian faith.  For example, when considering the Justice Seeker theme, students will start to make connections between MLK's life experiences and their own.  They will recognize that injustices still exist in our society, and like Martin Luther King Jr., they can be and are called to be God's agents of change, right now.  The student is encouraged not just to be an "observer" but to SEE THE STORY AND LIVE THE STORY.

The staff at BCCS will be using these ten throughlines to help students master required content; but more importantly, it will help the teachers present the content and provide authentic opportunities for students to practice how their hearts and minds can work in concert to bring about God's purposes and plans for the restoration of His Kingdom as they learn, live, and work in God's Story.