Funds for operating BCCS come primarily from tuition, the total cost of which is offset by the blessing of generous contributions from supporting churches, the BCCS Foundation, Parents’ Club, and gifts to the Annual Fund. We strive to be the best possible steward of the resources God has provided.                                         

Significant financial aid is available to reduce the cost of kindergarten-8th grade tuition. To learn about the different financial aid programs available click here. For more information on tuition and which financial aid programs your family may qualify for, please contact Office Manager Missy Walters at (616)-878-3347 or

2019-2020 Preschool Tuition Schedule

3-year-old Preschool

Enrollment Fee (non-refundable but applicable to first month's payment)      $50.00                          2-day program                                                                                               $995.00
9 monthly payments                                                                                      $110.56 

4-year-old Preschool

Enrollment Fee (non-refundable but applicable to first month's payment)      $50.00                          2-day program                                 $995.00          (9 monthly payments of $110.56)                        3-day program                              $1,250.00          (9 monthly payments of $138.89)

2019-2020 Tuition

Junior Kindergarten 

Enrollment Fee*                                                                                             $225.00                         Tuition                                      $4,228.00       (11 monthly payments of $384.37)   


Enrollment Fee*                                                                                              $225.00
Tuition for Part Time Kdgn.    $4,477.00         (11 monthly payments of $407.00)
Tuition for Full Time Kdgn      $6,976.00         (11 monthly payments of $634.19)

First - Fifth Grades

Enrollment Fee*                                                                                               $225.00
Tuition                                      $6,976.00         (11 monthly payments of $634.19)                     

Sixth - Eighth Grades

Enrollment Fee*                                                                                                $225.00
Tuition        $6,976.00 +$100 Chromebook fee   (11 monthly payments of $643.28)                                       

* Enrollment fee of $225 is per family, not per child.

Requested vs. Required Tuition

The actual cost of education at Byron Center Christian is $8,054 per student, but we only require families to pay $6,976. This is because grants from our foundation and thrift store are passed directly to families. If your family is financially blessed and does not need (all or a portion of) the grants, please consider paying the requested tuition of $8,054. This allows us to further assist families in need and continue to improve our educational programs. You may do this by selecting the Requested Tuition amount in your enrollment packet. You will receive a receipt from BCCS for this tax deductible donation. Thank you in advance for your support of this community.

Is it Worth it?

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Learning in Action!

Learning in Action!

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Excellent Instruction!