Byron Center Christian School is fully accredited by Christian Schools International.  


Christian schools are places where every action, every idea, and every thought is examined in the light of God’s revealed Word.

This is a worthy goal, to be sure, but one that does not happen automatically. Your school might have the word Christian in its name and employ believing teachers in its classrooms, but the skillful interweaving of biblical principles throughout all of learning—for all ages—is an activity that requires constant honing and attention.

And true biblical community is not only demonstrated in the classroom, but throughout the organization of the school—in the boardroom, in the administrative policies, and in relationships with parents and the community.

Schools demonstrate their seriousness about achieving those lofty ideals by holding themselves to high standards and inviting an external evaluation to validate their assessment.

Rationale for Accreditation

  • Christian Schools International accreditation verifies that your Christian school is true to its mission and vision of nurturing God’s children and young people.
  • Christian Schools International accreditation has embedded within it the transformational Christian worldview that is the signature of Christian Schools International and its member schools.
  • Christian Schools International's accreditation programs enable your school community to conduct a thorough self assessment of your Christian school and develop a school improvement plan, guiding your school on the path of doing even better for God’s children and young people.
  • Christian Schools International accreditation provides your parents, students, staff, and governing body with an assurance that your school holds itself to high academic standards integrated with Christ-centered excellence.
  • Christian Schools International accreditation provides colleges, universities, many states, and donors with credible verification that your school has established and maintained high standards based upon the best educational research.
  • Christian Schools International accreditation provides an opportunity for your Christian school to be seamlessly accredited from a Christian worldview by most accrediting agencies—NCA, SACS, NWAC (AdvancED), WASC, and Middle States. Christian Schools International takes the lead in all co-accreditations.
  • Christian Schools International accreditation uses two tested instruments: Vision to Action and Measuring the Mission. Vision to Action is the instrument that is recommended for your school if it is beginning its first cycle of accreditation. Measuring the Mission is recommended for schools that have reached the renewal cycle.
  • The Christian Schools International Accreditation Commission of your school’s peers oversees the accreditation program on behalf of all Christian Schools International-accredited schools and assures that the accreditation process is held to high standards.