Parents' Club

The Scoop on Parents’ Club

What is Parents’ Club?

Parents’ Club organizes the committees which promote fellowship, provide encouragement and perform services for our school.  In addition, it oversees the distribution of raised funds to provide special class programs, materials, and educational items to school that tuition is not able to cover. 

Who makes up Parents’ Club?

Each of you having a child enrolled at B.C.C.S. is automatically a member of our Parents’ Club.  A board of 9 volunteers lead the club.  To communicate with the members of Parents’ Club, the board will include information in the weekly family newsletter, have suggestion boxes available in both offices, and plan to have an information table set up at the first day of school chapel.  In addition, you are welcome to attend our meetings, or you can simply call us with any questions or concerns.

How can I become involved with school through Parents’ Club?

All of our families are divided into 10 working groups, through which you or another member of your family will be asked to work one shift for the New Life Thrift Store. You may also be asked through this group to help with an activity at school.

In addition, throughout the year, we are pleased to provide several opportunities for you to share your talents and abilities, be it raising funds, providing services, promoting fellowship, or offering encouragement, all for the betterment of the school.  In the spring, please prayerfully consider each of our committees and indicate which committee(s) you’d like to be involved with in your online enrollment.  

We are blessed with a friendly, cooperative school community that works together to make projects efficient, enjoyable and successful.  Although most of our events are optional, remember that greater participation inevitably leads to a stronger, more cohesive school environment. 

Who are the Officers?

Betsy Feyen, President, /616-723-2389

Robin Haaksma, Treasurer,

Jane Boomsma, Secretary, / 616-878-5995

Katie Prins, Vice-President,

Amanda Pluger, Vice-Treasure,

Missy Haverdink, Vice-Secretary,

Small Working Groups

GROUP 1- Tina DeKam  Rob and Kelly Adams- Blaine and Kristin Brumels

GROUP 2- Lisa Ezinga  Chris and Jackie buiter - Brian and Danielle DeSmit

GROUP 3- Cheryl Feddema  Joel and Lisa DeVries - Scott and Leanne Gurley

GROUP 4- Erin Fennema  Ed and Robin Haaksma - Steve and Sue Jonker

GROUP 5- Danielle DeSmit  Brett and Kerri Kalkman - Jason and Kerri Maas

GROUP 6- Michele Michmerhuizen  Brian and Tracy Mann - Matt and Amanda Palmbos

GROUP 7- Olivia Huisman   Chad and Elizabeth Pierce - Michael and Jill Steenstra

GROUP 8- Tina Vink   James and Paulette Sterk - Todd and Kristin VanSolkema

GROUP 9- Lisa DeVries   Tim and Kristin VanWieren - Ray and Robin Zondervan