Byron Center Christian Preschool Program

Preschool at Byron Center Christian is a joyful place! Our teachers promote a love of learning through intentionally planned, inquiry-based, active learning experiences. Through play, preschoolers develop relationships, explore, negotiate, and learn in a Christ-centered environment which prepares them for lifelong service in the world as a child of God. 

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BCCS Preschool provides an education which:


  • Is ACADEMICALLY EXCELLENT - All teachers and assistants have verified credentials

  • Prepares them for LIFELONG SERVICE - Shapes hearts and minds to be God's hands and feet, even from a young age

  • Welcomes each child as a UNIQUE LEARNER

  • Promotes an INTENTIONAL PARTNERSHIP with parents and churches

  • Celebrates the GIFT of SPECIAL EDUCATION

Preschool Staff 

Ruth Holtrop, Preschool Teacher

Ruth Holtrop, Preschool Teacher

Michelle Helder, Preschool Teacher

Michelle Helder, Preschool Teacher

Michele Vieu, Preschool Teacher

Michele Vieu, Preschool Teacher

Julie Veenstra, Preschool Assistant

Julie Veenstra, Preschool Assistant

Sheryl Fredricks, Preschool Assistant

Sheryl Fredricks, Preschool Assistant

Lynnell Berkompas, Preschool Assistant

Lynnell Berkompas, Preschool Assistant

Special Events

We have several opportunities throughout the year for families to enjoy special events with their preschooler.  In both 3s and 4s preschool, we have a Grandparents' event in the fall that invites grandparents to attend a partial day of preschool with their grandchild.  We have a special Valentine party with our parents that allows our preschoolers to show their parents how much they love them!  We also appreciate parent involvement in our Christmas parties.  Our 4s preschool additionally participates with Junior Kindergarten in a Christmas program.  Our 4s preschool also goes on field trips and invites parents to attend.   

three year old preschool

What is my child learning through dramatic/imaginative play?

  • Use of oral language in a variety of situations

  • Social skills appropriate to group behavior

  • Self-help skills

  • Skills in both leading and following

  • Working cooperatively

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Discovering socially acceptable and unacceptable behaviors

  • Matching pairs, sorting and classifying objects

  • Making decisions

How does the curriculum foster my child's literacy?

four year old preschool
  • Informal conversations - talking with peers and adults throughout the day

  • Songs, rhymes, finger-plays, and movement activities

  • First-hand experiences - hearing new words and describing what they are doing

  • Read aloud - listening to books and talking about new words in stories

  • Clap out individual words/names or syllables during circle time

  • Explore print in their names and peers' names

  • Provide authentic opportunities to interact with words in their surroundings - they realize print carries message, spoken words can be written down and read, print follows convention (left to right, capitalization)

  • Discover the wonder and joy of books and their pictures

  • Discover that books have common characteristics - title, front, back, author, illustrator

  • Allowing time and space for them to respond to a story by commenting or asking questions

Preschool - 3s

Age Requirement

3 years old & potty-trained before 9/1

Session beginning & ending

Weeks of 9/9/19 - 5/18/20

2 DAYS: T/TH 8:30 - 11:30 AM



Preschool - 4s

Age Requirement

4 years old & potty-trained by 9/1

Session beginning & ending

Weeks of 9/9/19 - 5/18/20


M/W/F 8:30 - 11:30 AM

M/W/F 12:30 - 3:30 PM


T/TH 12:30 - 3:30 PM


$1250 3 DAYS | $995 2 DAYS


Byron Center PReschool
preschool classroom

Our preschool classrooms are fully licensed by the State of Michigan and have spaces and materials that support all types of learning and development.  We have areas for imaginative play, sensory exploration, artistic expression, quiet reading, large muscle play, small-group and whole-group learning. 


  • Enclosed outdoor natural playground dedicated for preschool use

  • Gymnasium

  • Library

  • Technology Lab

  • Imaginative Playroom

  • Active Playroom


  • Building is secured with automated locks

  • Guests must enter through locked doors by the main office

  • Guests are required to sign in

  • All classrooms and outdoor activities are monitored by an adult

  • Students may only be picked up by people listed on parent approved pick-up list with proper identification

my child in preschool


To learn more about the preschool program and Byron Center Christian, we invite you to contact our Enrollment Coordinator to answer any questions you may have or to set up a visit.