Donating to BCCS

We thank and praise God for faithful and new donors.  People, involved in investing in Byron Center Christian School (BCCS), give in a variety of ways, including cash gifts, stock, real estate, assets, a planned gift, and a deferred gift. BCCS is a non-profit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS. For complete tax-deductible details, you may want to consult your tax adviser or financial adviser. 

Giving Opportunities

Annual Fund

BCCS is committed to increase giving in order to keep tuition as low as possible and maintain high quality academic programs. The Annual Fund is one way we do this. It is the cornerstone of BCCS fundraising. 

Annual Fund:

  • Provides direct unrestricted operating support to the school.
  • Provides direct budget relief, which helps reduce the amount required for tuition.
  • Supports educational programs and extra-curricular activities.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is a fund that assists BCCS families that cannot afford the full cost of tuition. The Finance Committee of the BCCS Board reviews individual situations that challenge families to pay tuition. We use the FACTS application to help better understand the need. 

The Byron Center Christian School Foundation

The Byron Center Christian School Foundation contributes towards lowering the cost of education. It is an endowment fund, which never spends the principal. Annually, a portion of the earnings attained through investments are devoted to the school's general fund to offset the cost of tuition. 

As of January 2017, the approximate value of the fund was $1.7 million. In the 2016-2017 school year, the foundation contributed $58,000 to the school's operating budget. This amounts to about $120 per student. 

For a $50 gift, you can become a Foundation member for the calendar year when you give the donation. If you give a $1,000 one-time or cumulative gift, you become a lifetime member of the Foundation.

Memorial Gifts

A gift to BCCS in memory of a friend or loved one is a wonderful way to honor them.  When submitting the gift, simply note "given in memory of (name)." Feel free to designate the gift for Annual Fund, Tuition Assistance, or Foundation. Other designations are available upon request. (See Contact Us below.)

Matching Gifts

If you work for a company that matches contributions, the amount and impact of your gift grows, To find out whether your company matches gifts, contact your human resources department. 

Appreciated Securities Gift

Donating a long-term appreciated security (e.g. stock) directly to BCCS vs. selling the asset and donating the proceeds is a great way to give more due to tax incentives. You'll want to consult with your financial adviser. 

Gift oF real estate or other asset

If you have real estate, you may desire to donate all or a portion of the property to BCCS. Also, you may have another type of asset you want to donate. You will want to consult with the school office (see Contact Us below) and your financial adviser for giving instructions. 

Gift of life insurance

There are several ways to donate life insurance. You can give an existing policy. You can donate policy dividends. You can name BCCS as a beneficiary of a term life insurance policy. There are other options. You will want to consult your insurance agent or financial adviser. 

Life income gift

Typically, a life income gift is a transfer of cash, securities, or other marketable assets in return for a life or defined-term income for self, your spouse, and/or others, with the principal transferring to BCCS upon the death of the last surviving beneficiary or end of the term. The most common plans are Charitable Gift Annuities and charitable Remainder Trusts. For more information, you will want to consult with your financial adviser. 


You can use your will or living trust to make an estate gift to BCCS. A bequest is one of the simplest and most frequently-used ways to support BCCS. You may designate your gift to the specific need you want to address. You will want to consult with your attorney regarding how to make a bequest. Also, BCCS offers estate planning services free of charge via the Barnabas Foundation. 

Mail gift

Please mail your gift check and donation documentation to the below address:

Byron Center Christian School

8840 Byron Center Avenue

Byron Center, MI  49315

If you are sending a check, be sure to include a note that specifies your gift designation, which is typically Annual Fund, Tuition Assistance, Foundation, or in memory (honor) of a person. Undesignated gifts are applied to the Annual Fund. 

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