mission of Byron Center Christian School


The strengths of BCCS are apparent in the professional and personal qualifications of our teaching and support staff, in the relevant, biblically-based academic program we pursue, in the positive Christian atmosphere that nurtures spiritual growth, in the tremendous parental involvement and support, and in the character of the well-rounded young adults who graduate.

vision of Byron Center Christian School

Our Staff

The teachers and staff at Byron Center Christian School are spiritually mature, talented, experienced, professionally qualified, nurturing, and enthusiastically motivated to have an eternal impact in the life of your child! They consistently model honest worship and moral discipline. They are wholly dedicated to providing an excellent Christian education, where God’s Word is the basis of learning in every subject area. And they prayerfully challenge your children to boldly live out their faith in God through love, obedience and service to him in all aspects of their lives.

Our Approach

In today’s ethically challenging and fast-paced society, making good decisions can be difficult. That is why we strive to instill in our students a biblical perspective of the world and its activities, providing them the knowledge, wisdom, sensitivity, and creativity to bring healing to God’s broken kingdom. And at every step of these children’s amazing journeys to discover God’s unique purpose for them, we welcome and encourage parental involvement. Opportunities exist in the classroom, on the playground, on Parents’ Club committees, with Moms in Touch, and on the School Board.

Our Curriculum

At BCCS, our Christ-centered curriculum offers both an education for life and faith for living. Children are exposed to what’s happening in today’s society. Then they are taught how to think about and discern between what is and what is not consistent with the heart of God, and to confidently make the choices that reflect their commitment to Christ. This philosophy permeates the instruction in every single subject area, be it Spanish, Social Studies, Bible, Music, Technology, Mathematics, Art, Science, English, or Physical Education.

The Results                                                          

By cultivating an effective partnership between school, church, and parents, we make every effort to provide an education that:

  • builds biblical character
  • instills confidence 
  • inspires scholarship
  • emphasizes responsibility
  • promotes leadership
  • increases participation
  • develops a sense of community
  • encourages stewardship in each of our students