Hot Lunch

Byron Center Public School provides healthy lunches for our students.  Lunches are ordered on a monthly basis.  Your child will bring home a hot lunch form and will need to return it by the due date listed on the form. 

Total money owed for meals ordered needs to be on your student's account. Make deposits online at Please don’t send cash to school. We reserve the right to cancel lunch orders if there are no funds in the student’s school meal account. To access your online account, go to Contact Kerri Saltzgaber, Nutrition Services Director for Byron Center Public Schools, at (616)878-6115 or email her at with any questions or concerns.

Please read the guidelines below for what to expect for lunch when your student returns to school after a school (snow) closing. When school is cancelled, the lunch planned for the day school was closed will be served the day school resumes. The kitchen staff prepares a day in advance and will have already prepped the food for the "snow day" menu. For example:  school is cancelled on Tuesday and resumes on Wednesday. Tuesday's lunch will be served on Wednesday when the students return, and Wednesday's lunch will be SKIPPED entirely. All those who ordered lunch for Tuesday will eat it instead on Wednesday and those who ordered for Wednesday will need to take their own lunch to school. On Thursday, we will be back on schedule with Thursday's menu. No charges for lunch are applied for the skipped Wednesday lunches.