2018– 2019 SCHOOL BOARD

2018/19 Blaine Brumels, Brent Haverdink, Kyle Kuipers, Steve Marcusse, Becky Vos

2019/20 Ben DeMots, Diann Fisk, Kevin Veltman, Troy Wiers

2020/21 Adam Burgess, Rick Lindhout, Chris Prins, Sarah VanderHart

Building & Grounds

ch. Brent Haverdink

b.  Adam Burgess

b.  Rick Lindhout

b.  Troy Wiers

s.  Tod Van Doeselaar


Officers (Executive Committee)

President: Kyle Kuipers

Vice President: Blaine                                       Brumels

Treasurer: Steve Marcusse

Secretary: Kevin Veltman

Administrator: John Kramer (advisory)

Foundation Committee

ch. Steve Marcusse

b. Kevin Veltman

c.  Terry Huyser

c. Jaci Lubbers

c. Pete Quakkelaar

s. Gary Wybenga

Education Committee

ch. Blaine Brumels

b. Diann Fisk

b. Kyle Kuipers

b. Sarah VanderHart

b. Becky Vos

b. Troy Wiers

s. Deb DeVries

s. Cathy Clousing


Finance Committee

ch. Steve Marcusse

b. Ben DeMots

b. Brent Haverdink

b. Rick Lindhout

b. Chris Prins

b.  Kevin Veltman

s.  Missy Walters

a. John Kramer

Promotions Committee

ch. Becky Vos

b. Diann Fisk

b. Chris Prins

b.  Sarah VanderHart

c.  Tina DeKam

c.  Sue Keen

s.  Kelly Wolthuis

Key to symbols: ch=chairperson, b=board member, s=staff member, c=society member, and a=administrator

BCCS was founded in 1917 to support the efforts of parents in providing an excellent Christian education for their children. The school now serves nearly 500 students from more than 250 families in preschool through eighth grade. Children are taught by professionally qualified, spiritually mature and highly motivated teachers who also serve as excellent role models. Byron Center Christian School offers a well-rounded education that includes Bible, Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Physical Education, Art, Music, Spanish, and Technology. BCCS is committed to providing a distinctively Christian education. We actively strive to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to create appropriate learning opportunities that enable them to develop their God-given potential to the highest level. For over 100 years, we have recognized that a Christian school ought to be an extension of the Christian home, reinforcing the faith and values being taught there. We have a specific mission for our school and a clear vision of what we, after faithfully surrendering to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, hope to accomplish in the years your child attends BCCS.

Serving Together,

BCCS Board of Education