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Why BCCS-Education with a Purpose

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As an enrollment coordinator, I deal with all types of questions from parents regarding the choice of school for their family.  When discussing the reasons for Christian school, I could talk about many valid reasons why BCCS is the right choice. Aspects of our education include teaching staff (and influence they have on the kids), the academic programs, the class size, extra-curricular activities, the spiritual development,  Christian practices, the growth of the whole child, faith integration into all subjects and so much more. However, the following example and thoughts are a main reason why Christian education is so important to me.

While walking the hall one day, I noticed two students headed to the playground. One student (let's call him Abe) was helping another student (let's call him Bob) calm down and prepare to spend recess with friends.  As I walked by, I recalled a few other times this year I had seen Abe helping Bob with tasks during the day. I smiled at this kind act and returned to my office. Later, I thought about what I had witnessed and how it encapsulates why Christian education is the best investment anyone can make. You see, It is not in Abe’s action, but in the reason behind Abe’s help that is key.

First, some background on this situation. Bob is a student with some specific learning needs. He sometimes struggled academically and socially because of those needs. Abe is a student who excels both academically and socially, a student that could be considered ‘top of his class.’ This school year, Bob is succeeding at BCCS as he learns academically, makes friends in the classroom and grows emotionally. Most importantly, his teacher shared that one day he began to cry when he learned that he was sinful (which of course led to a conversation about grace and Jesus). In the same way, Abe is succeeding at BCCS as he grows spiritually in the grace of Christ. He is exceptional in academics, a leader for his peers and participates in extracurricular activities.

The other important thought that came to mind was the integration of all students. If I am being 100% honest, sometimes I worry that with so many different types of students in a class, how can they all succeed. Then, I watch things like this happen and have to laugh at my foolishness. Both Bob and Abe are succeeding and accepted for who they are. And Bob and Abe are helping each-other succeed.

All that said, the reason Christian education is important is WHY the students are interacting in this way.  Abe interacts with Bob because he wants to, not because someone told him to or because he gets recognition. Like many BCCS students, he acts the way he does because BCCS teachers join with parents to teach students to show God’s love using their unique gifts. In everyday instruction, teachers strive to help students discover their passions AND recognize who gives purpose to their passions and their life. Each child is able to develop as an individual and as a community member. They receive an excellent education, which is rooted in God’s Word, so they are prepared to serve the world around them.

This makes a difference in their lives now, like seeing Abe help Bob, but our hope and prayer is it will make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them for many years to come.

Watching Abe and Bob reminded me why Christian education is so important. It is education that not only helps students succeed in all areas, but also develops a real foundation for each student so they are prepared for growth and service that starts now and that will last a lifetime.