8 Ways to Get Connected in a New School!

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Are you a new family at your school? It can be a difficult transition for a new student, but elementary students are great at making new friends. But what about you? As parents, it can be difficult to feel like members of your new school community because you are not there every day. Check out the eight tips below for some ideas on how you can get plugged in!  

1.Attend School Events

Many schools have new family orientations, back-to-school events, early teacher conferences, or in-take testing. There will be current families at these events and the informal settings can be a great way to get to know other parents.

Once the year is underway, try to be present at a few class events. These can be field trips, sporting events, or other school activities.

2. Get to Know Your Child's Teacher

The heart and soul of a school is the teacher in your child’s classroom. Make sure you get connected with the teacher as soon as possible. They will sometimes meet with all parents to start the year, have weekly newsletters, or email updates to parents. This is important for two reasons. First, it allows you to support your child’s learning at home and partner with the teacher for success. Second, this is an easy way to see contact information for other parents in your child’s class. Reach out to a few of the parents you meet at an event and see if they want to grab coffee (or something similar)!

3. Connect to a Host Family

As a new family, some schools (including BCCS) will provide a host family for you. This usually involves a current school family (with children of similar ages) touching base throughout the school year. While this does not always lead to forever friendships, it does provide a contact so you can get to know the school from the parent prospective. Contact your school’s admissions representative or enrollment coordinator to ask about this.

4. Help at Recess

Want to see what your new school is like during the day? Volunteer to cover a recess shift for a teacher. It is always fun to see the kids interact on the playground and this is also another great way to meet parents. An added bonus is that it providers your child’s teacher a brief moment to catch up and eat lunch.

5. Church Connections

All families at Byron Center Christian attend local churches (of many different denominations). Contact your school office and ask if other families from your church attend the school. This is a great common ground to find other school families.

6. Host a Play-Date

Ask your son or daughter who they spend time with during the day. Grab your school directory and invite those moms (or dads) over for a play-date. Meet at the playground, go somewhere fun, or just have them over for kids to play in the backyard.

7. Follow Social Media

Many schools have a Facebook or Instagram page, so take advantage. This is a simple way to see what happens during the day, check upcoming events, and feel more apart of your new school. Some schools will have parents groups that allow you to ask questions about things specific to your child’s class.

8. Contact the Parent Organization

Schools all have a type of parent support organization (Parents Club at BCCS) that not only raises financial support, but also hosts events and does many things to improve school culture. The officers or leaders of this organization can be great people to reach out to. Not only will they know what events you should attend (skating parties, class trips, fundraisers, etc.), but they are often very invested in the school. Send them an email and ask their advice on how to get connected and involved!

Admittedly, these are all steps that you (the new family) have to take. At Byron Center Christian, it is our hope and prayer that our school will always be a welcoming place for families that are new and for families that have been here for generations. We have processes in place to accomplish this goal, but we are always always open to new suggestions. Never hesitate to contact our school office for help in getting started!

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SOS Day 2018

One important part of Christian education is helping students understand we all have a need for God, a need for His love, and a need for community. Once we realize this, we are called to go into God’s world and spread His love by serving others.

The video below has some pictures from SOS day, which is one of many opportunities we provide students to learn how they can be the hands and feet of Christ!

Like the song in the slideshow? You find out more here!

BCCS Apparel Sale!

Welcome to the 2018 Apparel Sale! You can order online, your items are sent to school, and we will distribute it to families (or anyone else who makes a purchase).  Make sure all orders are in by November 18, as the store will close after that date! Sample sizes will be available in the East Campus office. All orders will arrive before Christmas break and these items will make great gifts.

You can choose your colors, sizes, and some items can have a custom print (last name is common) on the back.

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Discovery: The BCCS Blog

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At Byron Center Christian School, we strive to offer the highest quality Christian education to the Byron Center community. Our mission is to provide for children of the Christian community and excellent education, rooted in God’s Word, preparing them for lifelong service in God’s Kingdom.

However, we do not work alone, as we partner with parents, families, churches, supporters, and other community members! Without their support, we would not be where we are today.

The purpose of Discovery (the blog you are reading from) is to provide updates on what is happening at BCCS. Our mission plays out everyday in the classroom, on field trips, during chapel, on the playground, at athletic events and in many other places. This blog will highlight those moments and provide another window for parents (and other partners) to see our school in action.

Please note that each post many have a different author and the thoughts and opinions reflect those of that author. We hope this is another way you can Discover the Difference here at BCCS!

Teachers Teach People


In his book "The Cause for Christian Education," Dr. Richard Edlin claims that "teachers first of all teach people, not subjects." He goes on to explain that while teachers do teach math, science, reading and more, they are also teaching children about everything in this world. (As a side-note, Edlin's text is lengthy, but definitely worth a read)

This is true at Byron Center Christian School as we provide a quality Christian education in the Byron Center community. We recognize the importance of equipping children to impact the world for Christ. The impact a teacher has on his or her students cannot be understated. A good teacher will prepare students for the next grade, but our teachers want students prepared for more than that.  The goal is to help students understand who they are as Children of God and how to act in this world. That, of course, includes academic achievement, but it also means emotional, social and spiritual growth as well.

 To help accomplish this, our teachers have been trained and are implementing the Teaching for Transformation (TfT) instructional model. Doug Monsma, describes TfT as “a biblical framework for the development of authentic and integral Christian learning experiences that are grounded in a transformational worldview with a focus on seeing and living God’s story.” A strong understanding of math, science, history, and social studies is vital, but that knowledge without the proper Christian worldview goes to waste.  Here at BCCS, we are are grateful for the opportunity to truly teach our students.


Pure Joy

Earlier this week, I was walking past one of our three year old classrooms and just popped my head in for a moment (teachers just love when we interrupt their class). However, upon doing so, I could not help but smile. One, watching the young students learn and answer questions is simply fun. They are curious and eager to expand their knowledge. Second, us adults could learn something from them. The students are simply happy being at school and being with their friends. They have their own community in the classroom with the teacher and their classmates. They are overjoyed to be at BCCS and be with those they love.

As adults, we miss this concept and get caught up in jobs, plans, possessions, trips, and just about everything else. Our source of joy must come from God and having confidence in Him. However, God created us for community, and often times, we are most happy spending time with those we love. As we enter another busy season of the school year, let us learn a valuable lesson from our preschool students. Sometimes, what we need most is just to pause and go spend time with our friends.