Pure Worship

Do you ever get ‘that feeling’ when singing in church, attending a concert, or even during your morning prayer - a rush through your body, sometimes even goosebumps, while worshiping in the presence of God? Every Thursday when second grade has worship time, that is exactly what one can experience.

As Christians, we are called to worship daily. At Byron Center Christian School, that is one aspect (of many) of a quality Christian education. Everything must start and end in Christ.

Mrs. VanWieren commented that sometimes worship occurs within a daily lesson, but other times it takes place by design. In a similar fashion, Bible is taught as a specific subject, but Bible is also present and prevalent in every subject. Teachers purposefully work to craft an environment where worship can happen not only during devotions or chapel, but also when exploring math, science, and social studies.

As adults, we sometimes have an inhibition or timidity when we come to worship, but our second grade students do not. Every Thursday morning, the entire grade gathers in one room to sing praises together. There is no hi-tech sound system, no fancy lighting, and sometimes not even an instrumental accompaniment. However, when you walk by Mrs. Battjes’ classroom, you will encounter one of the most pure forms of worship brought before our Lord and Savior. The kids are singing their hearts out to their Creator. There is no inhibition or worry about how they sound, but just powerful, authentic worship. There is no way to describe what is taking place, but it is absolutely beautiful. Simply put, the second grade students are fulfilling what God created them to do. And while our teachers encourage and lead this time, it is God working in each of their hearts. It is our hope and prayer that He will continue to provide us opportunities for pure worship of Him.