8th Grade Final Project

Our 8th graders recently ended their time at BCCS by working on something called the Good Samaritan Project. The purpose of this project was not for the students to see what they were capable of doing on their own, but to gain an understanding of how they could use their gifts, open their hearts, and be willing to serve God by helping others.

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As a result of this project, students identified a problem that existed around the world, and worked to help solve the problem. Students collected pop cans to purchase bed nets, turned in scrap metal to help a Christian school in Uganda, collected toys and writing utensils to bring to kids in Guatemala. My deep hope for my students is that they love Jesus, help bring restoration to the whole world, and follow the Holy Spirit’s calling to live joyful and intentional lives. It was exciting to see the students experience this on their own!

Check out the website below to see some of their work!

Tom DeBlecourt-MS Teacher

Good Samaritan Projects