Early Childhood

Pure Joy

Earlier this week, I was walking past one of our three year old classrooms and just popped my head in for a moment (teachers just love when we interrupt their class). However, upon doing so, I could not help but smile. One, watching the young students learn and answer questions is simply fun. They are curious and eager to expand their knowledge. Second, us adults could learn something from them. The students are simply happy being at school and being with their friends. They have their own community in the classroom with the teacher and their classmates. They are overjoyed to be at BCCS and be with those they love.

As adults, we miss this concept and get caught up in jobs, plans, possessions, trips, and just about everything else. Our source of joy must come from God and having confidence in Him. However, God created us for community, and often times, we are most happy spending time with those we love. As we enter another busy season of the school year, let us learn a valuable lesson from our preschool students. Sometimes, what we need most is just to pause and go spend time with our friends.