Full- and Part-Time Kindergarten

The goal of the Kindergarten program at Byron Center Christian School is to build eager, life-long learners of God’s remarkable creation who are emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually motivated to glorify Jesus and bear His image in their daily walk with Him. Our Kindergarten classes mark the beginning of an exciting, Christ-centered educational experience.

Kindergarten, like every grade at BCCS, uses God’s Word as the basis of every subject. Children learn about who God is, the world He created, and how much they individually matter to Him. Our hope is to build eager, life-long learners.

part-time kindergarten

Age requirement

5 years old by 9/1

Part Time

Monday and Wednesday 8:35 am - 3:30 pm and Friday 8:30 - 11:30 am

Tuesday and Thursday 8:35 am - 3:30 pm and Friday 12:30 - 3:30 pm

Full Time

Mondays - Fridays 8:30 am – 3:30 pm


Busing available am & pm; no mid-day busing

part-time kindergarten
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At BCCS, God’s Word is the basis of every subject, every day, in every grade. Students learn that because all things are created by God, they are worthy of our care and concern. Highlights of the approach taken in Kindergarten to teach these concepts include:

  • Math: We use the Math Expressions curriculum which promotes a solid understanding of numbers through hands-on activities, games and problem solving. After students have solid number sense they learn to see the ten in teen numbers, adding and subtracting, and 2-D and 3-D shapes.

  • Literacy: We recognize that children advance through learning stages at different rates. With our literacy program, each child is poised to develop at his or her own pace as they are introduced to strategies to become fluent readers. Writing is a component of our literacy program as the way we express ourselves and share our ideas with others. Students also have many opportunities throughout the year to practice their oral language skills with classmates as they participate in “speaker’s time.” Both listening to others and speaking in front of others are valuable skills.

  • Science: Kindergarten science is presented in such a way that students not only observe the wonders of God’s creation with bright eyes and open minds, but are encouraged to question why and how, and are further enabled to investigate the answers to those questions. We explore our Earth, living/non-living things, and force and motion.

  • Bible: At the heart of all we do and teach is the great goal of wanting our students to mature in their faith. Our Bible curriculum aims to present the Bible as the story of God’s acts and words, written so that His people might know God, accept His gift of salvation and live lives of joyful service and obedience. We strive to hide the Word of God in the hearts of our students by learning the Bible ABC verses and Psalm 23, as well as other passages. Our goal is to encourage spiritual growth through knowledge of our great God, service opportunities, school chapels, prayer, devotionals, and our example and testimony.

  • Social Studies: In our social studies units students strengthen their sense of self as God's child and explore the importance of getting along with others and being responsible. We also lay the foundation for civics in subsequent grades, especially citizenship concepts. We emphasize that students are part of many different groups; therefore it's important that they learn to get along with others.

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Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Cathy Clousing  Full-time Kindergarten

Mrs. Cathy Clousing

Full-time Kindergarten

Miss Abby Helder  Full-time Kindergarten

Miss Abby Helder

Full-time Kindergarten

Mrs. Sheri Groelsema  Part-time Kindergarten

Mrs. Sheri Groelsema

Part-time Kindergarten