Fifth Grade

We learn so much in 5th grade! This is the first time students will have two teachers, each imparting their knowledge in their specialty subject areas.

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In language arts, we love to be able to help your children grow in their ability to communicate. That means we work on creative writing, reading, spelling, speaking, and interpreting what we hear and read.

In addition, we are blessed to be able to share Christ's love with our students each day, not only during our Bible class time, but throughout the rest of our time together as well. God will work in our classroom this year in the friendships that continue to grow each day, the learning that will take place, and the way He will speak through our Bible lessons. To be able to learn from God's Word together with our students is the greatest joy in teaching. We pray that our hearts continue to be open to what God wants to teach us in this year.

We are also blessed to dive deeply into math, science, and social studies. We trust you will recognize how we strive to appreciate God's revelation in every subject matter and lesson we teach here at BCCS.

One goal is to show students how math is applicable and necessary in so many areas of our lives. Having good number sense and strong calculating skills are important lifelong skills. We also try to show how math is a reflection of how God created order and patterns out of disorder and chaos.

Teaching science in a Christian school is a joy. God reveals Himself through Scripture, but also through His general revelation of creation. We get the thrill of discovering God's amazing details and patterns found throughout all aspects of creation. Specifically this year we will study insects, rocks and minerals, the human body, and forces and motion.  

Social studies in 5th grade spans the long journey from the explorers of the 1400s and 1500s to the earliest American and Native American cultures, through the colonial age and into the Revolutionary War, to the writing of the constitution; we come full circle. With this study, our students see that "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it," not just now, but throughout all of history.

The Bible curriculum begins with an overview of God's covenant promises and several Old Testament books. Then we get into an in-depth study of Jesus' boyhood, early ministry and the lessons in the gospels. While that is our planned study, we know God also leads and prompts us to learn many other lessons, particularly through our year-long Edgeline program, devotions, and even within our other curriculum areas.

Fifth Grade Teachers

Mr. Joel DeVries

Mr. Joel DeVries

Mrs. Katie Klomp

Mrs. Katie Klomp