Sixth Grade

Welcome to Middle School! 

Sixth grade is a year of many changes and the process of figuring out who God created us to be in part of His story. This year is full of a variety of exciting learning experiences. 

  • Social studies - We cover the ancient world from Egypt to the Renaissance.

  • Language arts - There is an independent reading goal students try to reach, as well as practice with grammar and writing.

  • Science - We cover the environment and how animals interact, we look at Earth's interior and the rocks that make it up, and we look at the different forms of energy, as well as our precious resource - water.

  • Math - We not only learn how to solve problems but apply them to real life situations. We cover decimals, fractions, percents, area, perimeter, angles, and the beginning steps of algebraic equations. On Fridays we have "financial Fridays" where students learn how to write checks and manage their own pretend money. Students learn stewardship, the value of money and how to budget through this simulation.

  • Bible - We learn about the life of Christ here on Earth, and how He lived and taught others. We look at how we can apply these truths to our lives today.

  • Spanish - We continue to learn about the Spanish culture and how to read, write, and speak this language.

  • Physical Education - Students will have exercise records to fill out, which encourage activities to keep our bodies healthy.

  • Music-Band/Choir - Students in band have practice records to fill out each week to improve in their playing skills. Choir students will have a song of the month to memorize and practice singing.

  • Art - Students have this once a week and they are continually creating different works of art all the time.

We pray that the young people who come in our classrooms can feel the love of Christ, grow in their knowledge of Him, and learn to walk with the Lord.

Sixth Grade Teachers

Ms. Mindy Grimm

Ms. Mindy Grimm

Mrs. Julie Musch

Mrs. Julie Musch